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Chicken coops are costly, assuming you buy them pre made. Imagin if you actually built your own chicken coop.

Build your own Ocala chicken coop.

I’m actually serious. It is a lot of fun, it’s satisfying and it can save you a lot of money. I will tell you various reasons why it is important to build your own chicken coop in Ocala.

Ocala Chicken Coop

  • You will be proud of your accomplishment.
  • Some cities have specific rules for chickens. This will insure you are following the rules.
  • Control the weather inside the coop easier.
  • Make your chicken coop personal and unique
  • Create specialized egg collection techniques.
  • There is no decision or aspect of the coop you cannot change if you do not like it.
  • Get it done quickly and easily with plan guides.
  • Insure chickens get good oxygen.

By now you probably want to try building your own coop. I used a guide book for coops, kind of like chicken coop blueprints, that I want to show you. You will be able to build any type of coop you can dream of.

The thing is, is that a chicken coop from a kit still needs to be built, just like you would from this guide. If you start with raw wood, it will be the same amount of work. Especially if you grab this book with chicken coop plans. Honestly it is about the same amount of work. So why pay way more money for one option?There is pretty much everything you need to know inside. Right now there is a sale and its pretty cheap. Learn how to care for you chickens as well, not just how to build the coop. If you are new to keeping chickens then this is great advice. Many people lose chickens to death, predators or other reasons because they didn’t do it right. One bird can be worth more than this guide.

Ocala Chicken Coop Video

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